Hon. Michael Ibe Nwoke, A Football Lover


By Evergreen Stanley

Football from time immemorial has been one great unifying factor, source of joy and happiness to the Youths.¬†Football is not just a leisure activity, it is not a simple game played between two different teams, but it is, in fact, one of the most powerful components in international relations for it’s impact on world politics.

Football, more than any other sports has the ability to bring out the best in human beings and in the same vein the worst of our primordial instincts and also prove that in spite of all the advances in several millennia, human beings are less than a skin deep far away from the rest of the animal kingdom.

The final competition of supper 6 football tournament organized by Abu Dhabi Project in conjunction with Unique Fellers FC held recently where Natty FC won Okman Int’l FC with 5-4 by penalty shootout. The tournament started with six teams and the proprietors of this teams use the opportunity to scout for hiding talents amongst the players.

After presenting the trophy, medals and cash to the winning team, Hon. Michael Ibe Nwoke, the PDP Chairmanship candidate for Obingwa L.G.A who double as the co-sponsor of the tournament stated that he is impressed by the performance of the teams and pledge to do more in sports as sports is a unifying factor amongst the youths.

Friends, Fans, Political and Business Associates graced the final competition.

Hon. Michael Ibe Nwoke keep it up.


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