Hon. Adaelu Mourns Late. Ogunji, Described him as Fearless and Selfless Leader



Solomon Ogunji,
my name sake,
my friend,
my close confidant;
A kind hearted man,
defender of the defenseless,
the bridge between Ukwa la Ngwa;
my closest ally and political leader.

23rd May 2020,
a sad day in Ukwa La Ngwa
For the greater good of ndi Ngwa La Ukwa, you made so much sacrifices.
The story of our struggle can be told by just a few and you were immersed in it.
You led from the front with so much courage.
Death is indeed evil.
Fearless and selfless you were, yet harboured no bitterness.
What a loss.
Ala Ukwa La Ngwa has lost an iroko.
The pain of your demise truly gets to the nerves.
I consider myself one of your apostles for you were gifted. We have lost a rare personality.
The most significant event of our lifetime was the struggle to enthrown an ngwa governor which was epitomised by Otu Onu
Who can tell the story better than the man who was the master planner and second in command?.
Ogunji your death is most unfair, undeserving and cruel
My heart bleeds,
the pain is unbearable
How could this happen?
What went wrong Solo Ogunji?

Truly, to be alive is a risk.
From the shores of Ishialangwa through the seven local government of Ngwa to Ukwa East and West Solomon Ogunji connected with all classes of people.

Solomon Ogunji stood by me at the must difficult moments of my life when the conspiracy against me hatched at the highest level was carried out.

I join the Governor and the Senator to condole and console his immediate family and the people of Obingwa/Ugwunagbo and Osisioma for this great loss.

Rest in peace, my leader.

Solo Adaelu.


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