COVID-19: Hon. Ichita Motivate Constituents, Renew call on Corporate Organization to join the Movement


Dear Constituents and Friends,
These are trying times for the entire world. The world is technically, in a state of war. We all feel the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in all areas of our lives. Our businesses are shut down and social interaction restricted. All in a bid to stop the spread of this virus.

I wish to renew my call for us to strictly adhere to the established protocol on how to stop the infection by constantly washing our hands and observing social distancing. I am aware of the economic hardship that we have been thrown into as a results of the measures adopted to keep us safe. I also wish to appeal to everyone to remain patient and resilient. This pain shall pass away.

The need for us to continue to help one another, especially in this trying times, can not be overemphasized. Most of us depend on daily income for our subsistence. It’s indeed a difficult time for everyone.

On our part, we shall continue to offer assistance in any way we can. I wish to thank everyone who has in one way or the other rendered any form of help to our people. I also wish to renew my call for corporate organizations and good spirited individuals to join in the movement: The movement of ensuring that none of us dies of hunger; the movement that ensures that all of us are remembered and helped; the movement of demonstrating our belief in the “onye ahala nwanne ya” philosophy.
Together we shall show the world that we are ndi Aba and Ndi Abia: that we are a great people. That our collective existence can not be obliterated by pandemic or hardship.

Finally, I call on all of us to remain law abiding. This piece will not be complete without appreciating our health care professionals, who are at the frontline of this “war”. The war of ensuring that our people live healthily and in dignity. The war of ensuring that our communities are not destroyed by this global pandemic or any ailment.
I am sure we shall come out of this novel experience of being “locked down”. I am sure we shall one day heave a sigh of relief that it’s all over. I am sure that on that day, none of us will be lost.
I am sure we shall beat our chests in pride and say “we defeated COVID-19”.
On that day, we shall collectively say” It’s all over; To God be the glory ! “

May Chukwuokike bless and heal our land.

Stay safe!


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